Excellence in psychotherapy and life-coaching for you and your needs are the Towering Ideas to which Grateful Heart Therapy (GHT) is devoted. The website has other stuff that I hope is fun—certainly stuff that keeps the grateful-hearted therapist himself stable of mind, stout of heart, and thriving of soul—but GHT, like any good support service, has certain pre-eminent obligations to be met on behalf of clients. Those obligations include: safety and privacy; responsible support; knowledge of and understandable explanation of the considered wisdom of pioneers in sustainable mental health and happiness; informed, relevant psychological counsel; a good and eager listening ear; and steady, trustworthy encouragement to look within for the honesty, creativity, and resourcefulness that is there that is there that is there to meet and work with any of the challenges life might pose. Along the way, there should also be help and support to be tolerant of life’s ambiguities, vexations, consternations, and winding ways as the process of unearthing one’s personal character strengths (trust me, if you have read this far, you have them) begins to work its magic. Also, there should be laughter and humor in the mix. You can and should expect all these things, in generous supply, of any therapist with whom you are going to work.

These are things I promise you if we decide we are going to work together. You deserve that much, and I promise you that—in generous supply. It is as simple as that.

But there is something you will have to bring with you. Courage. Courage, and a little patience. Courage to speak the truth, to face your fears, to be open to the risk of being known in that speaking and that facing. Courage to take steps, one at a time, one wonderful, glorious step at a time, toward change you decide is meaningful. And patience. Patience for the momentum of your increasing energy, clarity, and unfettered intelligence to gather itself, to find its rhythm and flow, and begin to do its work, as it most certainly will.

Is that a fair partnership? I do my part, you do yours? And we both/all prepare to be dazzled by the increased effectiveness, productivity, and happiness with which you in fact and in feeling increasingly do your life?

I hope it sounds like a good partnership, because that partnership itself, more often than not, is the hidden catalyst of change. I will tell you something all observant and thoughtful therapists know. At the heart of almost all successful therapy is the ineffable mystery of human relationship. A mystery of trust and confidence and faith the therapist and client each have and deepen in, for themselves and each other, as finding and doing what is needed to help desired changes move from potentiality to actuality take shape. Schools of thought and effective models of therapy are important; I am well-versed in them, and they contribute well to efficiency in procuring therapeutic results. But the big picture has a surprising centerpiece: relationship—how people connect and work together to move forward. That makes the process of therapy itself exciting, insightful, educative, and productive. Difficulties in relationships often are why people come to therapy in the first place, but, inescapably, it is the very vehicle of relationship in therapy that supports progress of the same sort outside of therapy. As the saying has it, wherever you go, there you are. And the truth of that dynamic makes the process of therapy a real-life adventure that has everything to do with getting the results a client comes for.

Isn’t that amazing? There are studies that reliably show it; I’ll tell you all about them if you like. But what I want you to know here and now as you are reading this is that that is what makes therapy worthwhile—the partnership of trust and mutuality in working together toward good and responsible goals. You need to know that because you certainly need to be comfortable with the therapist you choose to work with, and I am telling you this now so you know as well as I do so important an operating principle in good therapeutic work. But I’m also telling you so you know a little something about me too, about why I find this work so exciting and personally rewarding. I know of few greater satisfactions than the adventure of working together, with individuals, groups, and families—through all the mazes, thickets, and obstacles of questions and doubts and perplexities and fears—and steadily, devotedly, moving into the bright, clean, clear air where what was hoped for, dreamt of, and perhaps tentatively envisioned, begins finally to actually exist.

There are many other exciting dimensions to good therapy we could long talk about. Contact me, and we will. But for now, what is important for you to know is that I’m ready to do my part. I’m ready and eager to help, whether your need is for individual, couples, or family therapy; or consultation in health psychology; or training in time-tested practices of good stress hardiness; or creative and devoted psychotherapy for challenges of depression or anxiety; or expert treatment for issues of grief and bereavement. I’m ready—and grateful—to be able to partner with you in building a life that is robust with adventure, possibilities, and joy in being alive.