The other links of this website are talk from me with you that are honest, direct, and perhaps over-cooked thoughts on dimensions and aspects of therapy and of myself I thought I should provide you. My primary goal here is to give you a sense of who I am—because that is what you should know if you are considering my services as a therapist or life-coach—and what I understand and experience the therapeutic process to be about. I think I owe you that above all else, and I will not underestimate your intelligence in providing you that—perhaps to the point even of overdoing it.

That being said, there is in my sensibilities an enormous, incurable, and inveterate respect and affection for the innate humor in life, as I’m sure is true also for you. In fact, I’m certain no less than that keeps us all sane when the going gets really rough. In fact, I’m certain that people are genetically programmed to draw from, bring to bear, and expertly utilize humor in its many forms and attractions as a survival tool and as a means of connecting cognitively, emotionally, socially, and even spiritually, one with another, it is that deeply, deeply, deeply entwined in our human fabric. In fact, the word “humor” is derived from the root umere, meaning the fundamental fluids or juices of an animal that on a purely biological level nourish and prevent desiccation. No kidding. You can look it up.

So, any self-respecting website devoted to the marvels of human resilience and creativity should provide ample space for the celebration of the very big and very important role of humor in our lives. And here we are, at LIGHTER THINGS as an integral part of what Grateful Heart Therapy considers a crucial component of the functioning of a complete human being.

What I will be providing here is a sampling of what I consider to be, well, funny. But this is also where I get to play editor, and decide what gets air-time. The material offered may or may not strike you as worthy—and I apologize if it’s more a “not”—but there are, as you undoubtedly know, many flavors of “funny” and, yes, these will be mine, which I am hoping provide some lighter moments for you too, since that is the point of the link. But wait, help me, please! Contact me to offer something YOU have found funny (a joke, anecdote, YouTube piece, or whatever), and, if the editor agrees, it’ll get posted here, and he’ll happily credit you. If it happens the editor doesn’t agree, please be forgiving, and consider him still a candidate for your therapy/coaching needs. (He does have a decided bent for what he’d call funny, but he’s also eclectic.)

In short, let us all here have some fun, lubricate ourselves with a little mirth, and make sure not to dry up.

Ready, set, go.