Hi, I’m Kevin Henry, your ruddy-faced but grateful-hearted therapist in the Pittsburgh area, and I’d love to be of service to you if you’re thinking you could use some support in life-coaching, stress management, grief and bereavement, depression, anxiety, or marriage and family therapy. I can also be of help if you’d like instruction and coaching in meditation, tai chi, or qigong, having studied many years with some of the best teachers on the planet for those practices, as well as for the more traditional psychological services. In fact, I’ve made several careers of and have been thoroughly in love with human service work for over forty years—in special education; head injury and neurological rehabilitation for adults and children; behavioral medicine services; and for the past 20 years, as a social worker for Forbes Hospice here in Pittsburgh, where I am the counselor for dying patients and their families and friends in the Inpatient Unit, and the Bereavement Coordinator for the entire program. I also have a private practice—Grateful Heart Therapy—the website you are currently and I hope happily exploring, and to which I delightedly welcome you.

If you’re serious about looking into therapy or life-coaching, I hope you’ll consider my services. You should know and I will tell you that my training is excellent, on-going, and a responsibility and joy of continual growth that I take very seriously. You should also know that I am long-experienced, well-seasoned, and tried and tested such that, simply put, I know what I’m doing. You may read that as… old (sigh…let’s say late middle aged), but rest assured it all works to your advantage in that I have been paying close attention through decades of living, study, and professional work in matters of the heart, and I’m excited and privileged to be able to serve you and perhaps your family with all I’ve learned. That learning includes formal education (two masters degrees, at Pitt, and licensure in social work); many on-going professional projects (numerous presentations at national and state hospice conferences and consultation/trainings to a number of specific hospice programs); and being the Counselor-in-Chief for the ECaP—Exceptional Cancer Patients Program—that serves people with cancer and their families from international locales. It also includes various fun activities, such as facilitating a monthly drum circle here in Pittsburgh, also to which you are invited (contact me!). Otherwise, I’m a pretty simple-living guy who loves good movies and hot popcorn, his affection-happy dogs, his beautiful and patient wife, Kim, and drawing (yes, that may have been me drawing you in Starbucks…or Carl’s Tavern). If you’re curious about what comes out on paper these days with this life-long passion for drawing, see the IN THE FLOW.

But the really important thing you deserve and need to know about me is my deepest belief and fueling attitude about why I do psychotherapy, and I will tell you, as plainly as I can. I believe that everyone has within himself/herself everything that is needed to meet the challenges of life. Without question, life can be hard, and painful, and confusing, and demoralizing, but—as Mister Rogers reminds us—anything human is mentionable, and anything mentionable is manageable, if we do our talking in a spirit of trust, and of love. I consider my job as a therapist and coach to provide that place of safety, that place of love and trust, wherein any and all difficulties can be openly and frankly thought about and talked about, precisely because that is how we come to better see and understand and appreciate and embrace and practice the strengths that are always within us, and that make us equal—EQUAL, I say—to life’s challenges.

My many years of doing this work are for me nothing less than an honor. They are also a continual adventure in witnessing, and, I hope, helping a little those personal strengths in clients to become better known, experienced, and practiced. It is a privilege for me to be for a time a part of the lives of people who are committed to discovering these beautiful and very useful things about themselves. And for that privilege, over and over again, my own heart is very, very grateful.